German Brewed Since 1546
Charlotte Brewed Since 2022

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Expect our core German beers on tap alongside experimental brews featuring our take on the American craft beer movement.

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Reservations are not required, but are available. Our bar and biergarten are always open to walk-in guests.

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We encourage guests to take the Light Rail to Scaleybark Station.

We are a short <5 minute walk from the station.

Ride sharing is also encouraged.

If you do drive to us, please park on the street or at the Scaleybark Station, and not in the parking lot behind our brewery.

475 years of German brewing heritage arrives in the Queen City

Authentic German beer, cuisine, and atmosphere

Brewmaster Willi Wallstab and his team make our beer according to the highest brewing standard, the German Purity Law enacted in 1516, using a German-made Caspary brewhouse. We chose Charlotte for our first brewery outside of Germany because of our unique connection to the city. Queen Charlotte, the namesake of Charlotte, hailed from our hometown and served as the Electress of Hannover.

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Our Core Beers

Gilde Pilsener

A harmoniously spicy Pilsener with a hint of hops and a pleasant freshness.

ABV 4.8%

Gilde Pale Wheat

Light, full-bodied beer with aromatic hops that make for an easy drinking, flavorful beer.

ABV 5.0%


Gilde Red Rooster

An Amber Lager with a strong, nutty aroma and slight hint of caramel for a full-bodied flavor experience. The addition of fine, Scottish roasted malt gives the beer its warm, reddish bronze color.

ABV 5.5%

Gilde Urbock

Pronounced aromas & flavor of toasted malted barley. A dark beer with a full-bodied taste.

ABV 7.0%


Gilde Lemon Radler

A natural, unfiltered drink brewed from 50% beer and 50% refreshing bittersweet lemonade.

ABV 2.5%


Gilde Miner

The most historic of all are the dark beers. Drying the malt after germination with fire results in very dark colours and roast notes.

ABV 4.9%