Brewery Opening Winter 2021

Lower South End

3530 Dewitt Lane

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We are seeking kitchen, bar, and service staff for our grand opening.

With 475 years of brewing heritage, Gilde is bringing its deep German roots to the Charlotte, NC. Our home town of Hannover, Germany has a unique connection to Charlotte, whose namesake, Queen Charlotte, was also the Electress of Hannover. We like to believe when she came to the US, she forgot to bring her favorite bier. So here we are in 2021, building our first brewery outside of Germany in the Queen City. We will open in 2021, immersing guests in an authentic German experience, from bier to cuisine to atmosphere and events. Our bier, made according to the German Purity Law that was enacted in 1516, ensures we use only the finest ingredients. Expect our core German biers on tap alongside experimental brews featuring our take on the American craft beer movement.


Gilde Pilsener

A harmoniously spicy Pilsener with a hint of hops and a pleasant freshness.

ABV 4.8%

Gilde Pale Wheat

Light, full-bodied beer with aromatic hops that make for an easy drinking, flavorful beer.

ABV 5.0%


Gilde Red Rooster

An Amber Lager with a strong, nutty aroma and slight hint of caramel for a full-bodied flavor experience. The addition of fine, Scottish roasted malt gives the beer its warm, reddish bronze color.

ABV 5.5%

Gilde Urbock

Pronounced aromas & flavor of toasted malted barley. A dark beer with a full-bodied taste.

ABV 7.0%


Gilde Lemon Radler

A natural, unfiltered drink brewed from 50% beer and 50% refreshing bittersweet lemonade.

ABV 2.5%


Gilde Miner

The most historic of all are the dark beers. Drying the malt after germination with fire results in very dark colours and roast notes.

ABV 4.9%


Brewery Opening Fall of 2021

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History & Heritage

Gilde is named for the “Gilde,” a group of Germans who came together to form an association to brew and sell beer. The Broyhan Taler (token) was the traditional currency used in Hannover at the time and to distinguish his beer, Gilde brewer Cord Broyhan copper embossed the rooster taler on every bottle. Gilde beer was light and top fermenting, sparking a beer revolution in Hannover and throughout Northern Germany. Today, we continue to honor Broyhan by placing his symbol on every bottle and can of Gilde. Centuries of brewing experience can be found in every one of our beers.