All our beers are brewed according to the German Purity law of 1516.

Brewed utilizing only the finest malted barley and hops

Brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Traditional German style recipes

Gilde Pilsener

Our Flagship beer, Gilde Pilsener is a traditional German lager with a golden color and a perfectly balanced taste. Our unique hop blend gives the beer a delicate aroma while the malt provides a distinctly crisp finish. Pilsener is one of the most challenging styles for a brewer, and our Pilsener has been crafted with centuries of brewing experience which can be tasted in each and every glass. 

ABV 4.8%


Gilde Red Rooster

Gilde Red Rooster is an Amber Lager with a strong, nutty aroma and slight hint of caramel for a full-bodied flavor experience. The addition of fine, Scottish roasted malt gives the beer its warm, reddish bronze color.

ABV 5.5%


Gilde Urbock

Gilde Urbock is a relatively strong German Lager with notes of roasted malt which create a highly drinkable and well balanced beer. Bock beers date back to the 14th century when German brewers associated this style with special occasions and Bavarian monks used this as a source of nutrition during times of fasting.

ABV 7.0%

GILDE Pale Wheat

One of the more popular German beer Styles, our Pale Wheat is reminiscent of a Hefeweizen in appearance with a light to medium body and moderate bitterness. The distinctive wheat malt and unique yeast give this beer it’s banana and clove aroma and taste. These qualities make it an enjoyable and flavorful drink for any occasion.

ABV 5.0%


Gilde Lemon Radler

A natural, unfiltered drink brewed from 50% beer and 50% refreshing bittersweet lemonade.

ABV 2.5%


Gilde Miner Beer

The most historic of all are the dark beers. Drying the malt after germination with fire results in very dark colours and roast notes. Therefore, the beer becomes not only darker but also malty and crispy with a nice smooth bright head. (Working in a mine was not easy at all, dark beer was popular for the miners as it nourished and strengthened them.)

ABV 4.9%